Colleague Assistance

Dawn appreciates the confidence demonstrated by attorney’s and agency’s request for assistance with their adoption questions. She would like to be of assistance to colleagues as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for her to receive several such calls a day. In order to keep up quality standards for clients, all client calls are returned before colleague assistance calls are returned.

If you are an attorney with a question about adoption law and your question is too involved to answer in a 5-10 minute telephone call, consider hiring Dawn to consult on your case. She consults hourly at $450.00 per hour for specific questions, on initial setup and filings, or on an ongoing basis during the pendency of the case.  If you think that may be appropriate, call and request a consulting contract for your review.

Adoption practice forms can be found in Coppock on Tennessee Adoption Law With Forms on CD-Rom, which can be purchased through Celtic Cat Publishing or a copy may also be at your local library.

If you are working on a case pro-bono, please indicate that in any message. That will get you to the top of the colleague assistance pile.


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