Estimated Costs

Note: These are estimates of total average estimated expenses, including not only the attorney’s fees but agency fees, court costs, etc.

Each case may have issues that could make a case more or less expensive.


Approximately $7000.00 (Assuming birth mother has health insurance.

This estimate does not include travel expenses, if any. It assumes there is no contest.

About 20% or 30% of birth mothers who make an adoption plan will change their mind after some of the expenses have already been incurred. No money should ever be spent in pursuit of a private adoption that the adoptive couple cannot afford to lose.

INTERSTATE ADOPTIONS (where the birth parent lives in a state different than the adoptive parents) cost is usually about $2000.00 more than independent adoption because there is more paperwork and an attorney in the other state is usually necessary.

DOMESTIC PRIVATE AGENCY ADOPTION – $12,000 – $18,000 (Sometimes depends on the adoptive parents’ income.)

INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION – In excess of $20,000 including travel costs.

STATE AGENCY ADOPTION – Adoption of a special needs child through the state is free.

READOPTION – Costs vary depending on the attorney and court. Usually the legal fees are under $1000.00.

STEP PARENT, RELATIVE, & ADULT ADOPTIONS – Costs vary depending on the attorney, court, and the complexity of the case. Usually the legal fees range from $1400 to over $2000.

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