About Us

A little about Dawn & her office

Dawn’s law career began in 1987 at a downtown law firm, practicing “door law” (anything that walked through the door).  Part of this practice included adoption.  Fortunately, there was a need for an “adoption attorney” in east Tennessee.  Dawn loved working in adoption and her practice grew quickly.

In 1993, when Dawn became a mother, she decided to develop a “home office” with adoption as  her sole practice area.  Her home / office is located in east Knox County.  The office is attached to her farm house, providing a beautiful, peaceful, inviting place to work and live.

The office has a wonderful view, often with deer, groundhogs, foxes and herons.

To make extra time for family, the office is closed on Fridays.  (However, babies don’t know this and sometimes Fridays are work days.)

Dawn spends most of her “off time” with her two children and sometimes finds time for writing poetry, yoga, gardening and reading novels.

For Dawn’s formal resume can be found at the link below.

“The Team”

We are all so proud and supportive of our team and each other.  Taking care of our clients and one another is what we do.

Angi is Dawn’s paralegal and office manager.  Angi and Dawn have worked together since December of 1993.  Angi is the go to person for most everything.

Lissa is our legal assistant.  She will do anything!  She helps lift some of Angi’s workload with word processing, answering the phone, and chasing various rabbits.

We all know that adoption can be stressful.  We all want our clients to feel well cared for and attended to. Our clients regularly tell us that we are meeting that goal

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