Relative and Step-Parent Adoptions in Tennessee

Relative and step parent adoptions are one of the most common types of adoption and often, also the most affordable. Most relatives and step parents already have the child in their home before engaging a lawyer. Some have been placed by court order

The definition of  “related” is established by the Tennessee Code and it includes step parents. Related describes the prospective adoptive parent’s relationship to the child, not to the birth parent.

Relatives can ask the judge to waive the home study and waiting periods, and there is an easy method available for birth parents who want to consent to the adoption. Relatives basically get a number of procedural breaks under Tennessee law. 

What Does Related Mean?

Relative definition T.C.A. § 36-1-102 (45) “Related” means grandparents or any degree of great-grandparents, aunts or uncles, or any degree of great-aunts or great-uncles, or step-parent, or cousins of the first degree, or first cousins once removed, or any siblings of the whole or half degree or any spouse of the above listed relatives;

Dawn is Here to Assist with Your Relative or Step-Parent Adoption Case

If you anticipate that the birth parents (or other birth parent, if you are pursuing a step parent adoption) will consent to the adoption, or if the parent has passed away, Dawn or her staff can often quote your estimated legal fees on the phone. Most other cases will require an appointment and fees vary widely with complexity. 

If you meet with Dawn and learn that your case is not ready to begin, she will help you make a plan to build your case for a later date. So regardless of the legal opinion you receive, you are likely to find a better understanding of your situation useful and empowering.