Benefits of Orientation Meetings

For families just beginning the adoption process, Dawn offers a 1½ to 2 hour individual orientation meeting. 

Dawn represents about 10-12 families who adopt privately (or independently) per year, always including several interstate adoptions. Most of Dawn’s clients find their own “leads” after a little direction at the orientation meeting.

Dawn’s goal for an orientation meeting is to help you understand options regarding the different types of adoption, the types of children available, costs, expected waiting time and the risks and benefits of each choice. When you have selected the best type of adoption for you, Dawn will help you develop some action items.

If you are interested in private adoption, Dawn will help you understand who birth parents are, what they look for, and good ways to locate them. She will also review and comment on your birth mother letter, if you want her to.

The following topics are usually covered at an orientation meeting:

  • Who are the birth parents?
  • Background & Medical Information
  • Expenses
  • Birth Father Contact & Assessment
  • Finding birth parents
  • Medical Treatment & Insurance
  • Confidentiality & Openness
  • Legal & Counseling Assistance for Birth Parents
  • Birth
    • At the hospital
    • Discharge or change in custody
  • Legal Process
    • Voluntary termination of parental rights
    • Involuntary termination of parental rights
    • Adoption Petition
    • Guardianship
    • Supervision & Final Report
    • Finalization

The orientation meeting is billed hourly at $350.00 per hour.  An informational package is sent to clients when the orientation appointment is made. Call to set up an orientation meeting.

If you are already working on the adoption of a particular child, you don’t need an orientation meeting. You need a new client appointment. Materials are offered here for prospective adoptive parents with a child in their home and information about our fee structure is also offered. When you are ready to begin, call Dawn’s office for an appointment