Dawn’s Law Office

A Little About Dawn’s Slightly Unconventional Office and Procedures

Like you, Dawn puts family first. After 5 years of initial general law practice, in 1993 Dawn became a mother herself for the first time. Upon that important milestone, Dawn decided to move her primary office home and to limit her work to adoption law.

That was back when “moving your office home” was interpreted as dropping out, but for her, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She wrote her first law book in 1996 from that home office at night after spending her days in court. Her second child was still in diapers when it was published. Her oldest is now married and well into her 20’s and Dawn’s office is still on her farm in East Knox County.

The farm office is the primary worksite for her staff, Angi Newsome, Paralegal/Office Manager, and where you will find Dawn when she is not in court, teaching, or in off-site meetings.

Office Policy During COVID-19

During the pandemic, many client meetings and hearings are virtual. But Dawn still often goes to court, jails and hospitals in person, as needed, and meets with people outdoors and in other safe settings. Until the pandemic passes, Dawn will represent clients and advocate for children using meeting methods that let you stay in your comfort zone. 

office hours and policy

Office Hours and Policies

Monday – Thursday, 9-5 PM.
Fridays – Monitored voicemail and email.

Angi can always find Dawn when she is in court or on the road. The office phone is usually answered live during business hours and has a 24-hour answering machine. Due to the nature of many adoption law cases, clients are provided with emergency contact information.

To make extra time for our families and special projects, the office is often closed on Fridays, with email and voicemail monitored. However, babies don’t know this and judges don’t care, so sometimes Fridays are workdays too.

Dawn spends most of her “off-time” with her husband, Kyle, on the farm in Strawberry Plains and also loves spending time with her three adult children, large extended family and friends, entertaining, baking, creative writing, particularly poetry, kayaking, yoga, politics and gardening.

Children and families are important to our team and we want you to feel cared for and attended to. Our clients regularly tell us that we meet their expectations and then some. We will celebrate your successes with you and if you can’t bring your baby or kiddos by for us to see, at least send us a picture. Celebrating with you and seeing the children are things we love about our work.