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Script for Final Hearing in a Step Parent Adoption with Consent

If child is 14 or older, add the forms and the in-chambers interview of the child with the judge.

Have clients sworn.

Present any additional docs, fee affidavits, PFR results, etc. to complete the file to the judge.

Present the final order of adoption to the judge.

Ask each petitioner if they are the petitioners.

Ask Mary Jones

“Is the child, Jr. Smith, your biological and legal child from a previous relationship?”

“Is Fred Smith the child’s biological and legal father?”

“Has Mr. Smith consented to the adoption of Jr. by your husband by joining in your petition?”

“Is co-petitioner, Brad Jones, your husband?”

Ask Brad Jones

“How long have you been married to Mary Smith?”

“During that time have you developed a parent/child relationship with Jr. Smith?”

“Do you understand that if you adopt Junior he will be your son as if he were born to you in your marriage?”

“Is this what you want?”

Ask Mary Jones

“Mary Jones do you believe that it is in your child’s best interest to be adopted by your husband.”

After the judge signs the order, you take the file to the clerk and get certified copies and turn in the signed Birth Certificate Application (Certificate of Adoption) to the clerk.